Mold and Moisture Investigations

growth and associated are one of the most common—and serious—facility problems we tackle. Unresolved and moisture issues can pose serious risks to occupant and inflict costly damage to .

We handle mold issues that range from visible mold growth to moldy smells to hidden mold infestations to controlling microscopic spores in settings.

What causes ?

Moisture problems occur when excess moisture accumulates or becomes trapped in a part of a building that should be dry. They can happen in just about any building, new or old, and usually occur because of poor design, faulty practices, or improper maintenance.

What does a mold investigation include?

A typical AMI mold investigation starts with a site visit to conduct a visual inspection of your property. During this inspection we will not only pinpoint possible locations of mold growth, and also aim to identify the moisture issue(s) that caused mold growth in the first place.

Our experts use a mix of visual cues and infrared imaging to identify visible mold growth and mold hidden underneath flooring, inside walls and beyond. AMI will recommend which areas, if any, need to be tested for mold and provide a recommended sampling plan for your project’s specific needs and budget.

At the conclusion of our mold investigation, we will deliver a full report detailing the findings of our investigation, and recommendations for and (if necessary).

How much does a mold investigation cost?

The cost of a mold investigation can vary greatly depending on the type and size of building, and area that needs to be surveyed.

Please contact us at 1-800-828-8487 or for a free estimate.


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